Sunday, October 14, 2012

"Let's see what this thing can do......"

Hello fellow tea drinkers

Yes I am a tea drinker just like you. I enjoy Black, White, Green, Darjeeling and Oolong (and maybe Matcha soon, but don't tell my wife). What I am not is an expert. But like everyone else on this planet I have an opinion, especially about tea. I'd like to share it with you but why stop there. Let's have some fun. So here is my plan. I'm am going to attempt to sample every Earl Grey known to man (and martians if they bring tea). With each version I will present my review, which if all goes well, should include pictures, comments, and of course brewing instructions. Whether this blogger scores big or falls flat will not matter. This entire process will work because I will get to try/sample more Earl Grey varieties they I could ever imagine.

So where will I begin? Well if I was a bit smarter I would have started this a while back. Instead I'll need to go back to some of the varieties I have already enjoyed and redo them. I will judge all forms of Earl Grey on an equal playing field. Meaning bags, satchels or loose will all be given equal footing. I'm hoping that enough people will find this journey interesting and let me know about new companies or online sites that I wasn't aware of. Hopefully we can all learn from this while at the same time enjoy a nice cup of tea.

As the site progresses I'll change the background, add links and more content and try to provide as much Earl Grey info as possible. So boil some water and set your timers because this is going to be good  tasty.

The Earl Grey Addict