Que and S

The Que and Suggestion page

The following list represents the que of teas I plan to review. At any moment the order may be changed around depending upon need, availability and quite frankly my mood. I will try to differentiate between the teas I paid for and the ones I received for free.

Steepster - Earl Grey Black Tea (via @rebarb10)

Harney & Sons (missed one)

The Republic of Tea - Earl Greyer (loose version)

Rishi - Earl Grey (been told they have a bagged version)

Ahmad - Earl Grey (someone left comment that said they updated this tea)

Tazo - Earl Grey (told they have a loose version)

Tazo - Organic Earl Grey Noir

Numi - Earl Grey (loose version)

American Tea Room - Earl Grey Darjeeling Organic Black Tea (via @teaprincess50)

The Tao of Tea - Earl Grey (loose) +ReginaBiondo

The Tao of Tea - Earl Grey (bagged) +ReginaBiondo

Twinnings 100% Organic and Fair Trade Earl Grey (via +jonathanwhitehorn )

Hugo Tea - Grey Line (via Audrey)

Do Ghazal - Ceylon Earl Grey Tea (+RosaLin)

Shamshiri (+RosaLin)

Quality Tea Co. - Best Earl Grey Tea (+RosaLin)

Sadaf Special blend tea with Earl Grey (+RosaLin)

Twinnings Extra Bold Earl Grey (@Yuppicide)

I'll be adding to the list as I learn about them. Now it's your turn to leave a comment or email me your suggestions. Or if you want to contact your favorite "yet discovered" tea house and have them contact me to review their Earl Grey, by all means go for it.