Review Policy


If you are reading this page it means you would like me to review your tea and for that I am grateful. In my typical engineering fashion here is the process you can follow to get your tea reviewed.

Step 1. Contact me via twitter or email. (earlgreyaddict at gmail dot com)

Step 2. Replies may not be immediate since this is not my full time job but rather a hobby.

Step 3. What you send me matters. I am a traditionalist when it comes to Earl Grey which means I only like two ingredients (tea and bergamot) in my tea. Can you send me something with additional ingredients? You can but, there is a good chance I will not like them and will say so in my review.
To help you avoid getting a not-so-positive review here is my list of things I don't like:

- Cornflower
- Chia
- Creme
- Vanilla
- Flowers

Step 4. I will review the tea in the same way I review all teas. The more you send me the more I can test it. Meaning additional steeping times and re-steeps. But the amount is still up to you.

Step 5. Upon receiving the tea I will give it the next spot in my Que. Since I typically have teas already in the Que, the review/results may not be posted immediately. Once the review is uploaded I will post a link to both twitter and G+ letting everyone know. My site will also contain a link pointing, if possible, directly to your tea.

To end...

...please do not offer to pay for a review.

...please do not ask me to advertise your tea. I will be more then happy to put a discount code within the review so if people, after reading my review, wish to purchase it, can do so at a discount. But anything else falls outside of me keeping this a fun hobby.

...please respect my Creative Commons License. If you (The Company itself or person themselves) sent me tea, you are more then welcome to link back, quote from my review, etc. To everyone else, and I quote from my license, "You may not use the material for commercial purposes. " Simply put, if you didn't send me the tea, you are not allowed to profit (directly or indirectly) from my work in anyway shape or form. Sorry to be so harsh but you can probably guess at some of the things I've had to deal with.